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Heather Gaston

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1910 Thomes Ave.
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Z. Greenlee
Raytown, MO

Company name:
Sandstone Research & Development, LLC

03/28/2011 1:07 PM

I paid for services from on 3/7/2011. I was told by the employees at that it would take a a few days (for Kansas) for the paperwork to be filed and processed. I checked in with their COO (she had initially sent me a form to sign on 3/8) three times between the dates of 3/14 and 3/22 in order to gauge where we were in the process. The first time I called, via phone, to speak with their COO, I was told she was out of the office and was told she would return my call. This never occurred. The final two times I inquired about our paperwork was via email. I was told that it would be "any day now" as it was at the state. I finally called's office on 3/25/11 to find out exactly we had a two week delay in processing our paperwork. I was told that had filed the paperwork on old forms and the state had rejected the paperwork. had then resubmitted the paperwork on the appropriate forms to the State of Kansas. I had already spoken to the State. They informed me they had not received any paperwork on behalf of Sandstone Research & Development. Once I was finally able to get the proper person on the phone, finally came through. My final paperwork was shipped via FedEx the same day I was able to get someone on the phone (this past Friday). All-in-all, did what they said they would do, just two weeks later than promised.

Agent response:

We definitely understand your frustration on this order! While there are exceptions, state government offices rarely inform anyone (including us) of changes in forms or requirements prior to those changes taking effect. We usually discover forms or requirements have changed when our submittals are returned to us with notes such as in this case. We also must apologize for the COO phone call issue. This is unacceptable. Our receptionist should have verified she would be available to return your call. We will address this internally to avoid confusion in the future and we apologize for your experience which is below the standard we set for ourselves. Please allow us to make it up to you in the future.

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